The Buffer Depot, Trentside, Gunthorpe, Nottingham NG14 7FB

Storage Tips

1. Lawnmowers, motorcycles, and any other motorised vehicle and appliances must be drained of any fuel and batteries disconnected.
2. Fridges and Freezers should be fully defrosted and drained. Store with the doors open.
3. Washing machines and dishwashers should be fully drained.
4. Stack all goods with care to avoid any damage and accidents.
5. Cover all goods with dustsheets.
6. All units must be padlocked.

Please Note:

Partioned walls are not load bearing and should not be used to support heavy items.
Do not hang any items from the roof mesh.


Prohibited Items

1. Living Creatures.
2. Foodstuff and Perishable items.
3. Flamable/Combustable goods.
4. Petrol, Paints or Solvents.
5. Weapons, Ammunition or Explosives.
6. Toxic Waste, Asbestos, and Chemicals.
7. Radioactive and Biologically Hazardous Chemicals.
8. Bottled or compressed gas.
9. Any materials that give off noxious fumes or gases.
10. Any items that are regarded as illegal or have been illegaly obtained.